Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Back!!

Hahaha..guess wat..wat a coinsidence that when i decided to check out my blog..the last post was on 29th june and today is 29th of september..so i guess my post has been real dead for the past three months and realised that my blog post is at the most bottom in everyone profile..so today i'll go back up again finally and will try my best to manage this blog..

Oh well..last three months has been quite an interesting month to say cuz my girlfriend came back for a very long holiday and we did have a very happy moments here after half year of not meeting each other..we discovered a lot of new places and food..and wow..i'm so so how to say fat..waistline goin side ways and muscle all dropping off each day because i didn't really had the time haha..and partly lazy..but i did start goin back to the gym dy few weeks ago..

So today wasn't a good day for me first because of exam is so near and i don know how to face it..Stpm is like less than 50 days and trial is next week..oh my goodness..then weather today again was freakin hot that i didn't really pay attention the last few mins of physics class cuz the heat was just unbearable..then after finish school went to toilet and haih..really stupid ba..luckily school over not much ppl at school if i were to embarass myself..

Oh well thats all for today..nights

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